Interview with Jose Rosado


Interview with Jose Rosado
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Jose Rosado
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Jose Rosado begins his interview with a description of his happy childhood in public housing. He mentions going to school at Freedom High School his alma maters: East Stroudsburg University and Lehigh University. He worked as a counselor at Liberty High School and found that a reform on how we are addressing drug addiction to be worth exploring because of the mass incarceration that had adverse effects on the community. He illustrates the devastation drugs inflicted upon the community after soldiers, many of which had a heroin addiction, returned from the fighting in war, and the crack epidemic in the 1980s.

Jose Rosado gives highlights of his book titled Being Good At Being Bad: Troubled Teenagers Factors and Solutions. He shared that he had adopted and overcome life-limiting behaviors ranging from drug addiction to alcoholism and shares his personal story of going from a happy child to an angry teenager, which as a probation officer and later as a high school counselor, made him well equipped to assist youth in their transitions out of conformity with subculture expectations. He is hopeful for the future of the Lehigh Valley since constructive dialogue is emerging to assess paths forward on issues ranging from police brutality, racism, school curriculum, and drug use. He shares some of the tough decisions he had to make while serving as the first Latino Mayor in Fountain Hill, within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
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