Interview with Dr. Vivian Robledo


Interview with Dr. Vivian Robledo
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Dr. Vivian Robledo
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Dr. Vivian Robledo began her studies at East Stroudsburg University, earning her Bachelor’s in Economics. She worked as a public health contractor focusing on AIDS/HIV and in minority recruitment for East Stroudsburg University admissions. It was through this role where she found her vocation: counseling and providing students with the skills of self-advocacy. She served as the principal of the Alternative School/Career Academy and as the Assistant Principal of the Liberty High School.

She furthered her studies at NYU and later enrolled into a fast-track program for aspiring school principals at Indiana University, thanks to Iris Cintron’s advice. Iris Cintron was the one that called her and convinced her to return to Bethlehem from New York to work in Broughal Middle School. She describes Iris Cintrón as being more than a mentor for her, but rather a sponsor. She acknowledges that she stands on the shoulders of many female giants that came before her and has found profound meaningful purpose in every role she assumed, whether as a step team coach, volleyball coach, and as the Director of Student Services and Minority Affairs through Bethlehem Area School District, because it meant having a positive impact on her extended family (the community at large). She shares her concerns around gentrification on the South Side, discrimination for speaking other languages that are not English, prejudice, racial slurs, and microaggressions.
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