Interview with Nancy Matos Gonzalez



Interview with Nancy Matos Gonzalez


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Nancy Matos Gonzalez



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Nancy Matos Gonzalez was born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. When she was growing up, the Latinx/o community was exclusively in South Bethlehem. She describes her upbringing in a traditional Catholic family in which Holy Infancy Elementary School played an important role. She is thankful for the admirable commitment that Holy Infancy Elementary School demonstrated in providing a Catholic education to the Latinx/o community despite the inability for many members of the community to pay the tuition. She discusses her journey to becoming the first Hispanic district magisterial judge in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. She mentions her educators, mentors, and advocates that positively shifted her career path to her current position. This list of important inspirational leaders in her life includes Father Juan, the Iron Lady of Bethlehem, Board Members of the Hispanic Center of the Lehigh Valley, and her campaign manager.

She speaks on how the role of advocacy is imperative for the Latinx community in the Lehigh Valley to have access to hospital translators, social services, and job placement resources and ongoing efforts to promote social mobility, end prejudice, and adjust societal expectations.


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