Interview with Iris M. Sanchez de Cintrón


Interview with Iris M. Sanchez de Cintrón
Javier Toro
Iris M. Sanchez de Cintrón
Location of interview
Residence of Iris M. Sanchez de Cintrón
Iris M. Sanchez de Cintrón has spent her life as an advocate. She is a hero for the Spanish speaking parents, students, and the community at large due to her efforts reforming the Bethlehem Area School District’s approach to teacher-parent conference follow-ups, the City’s point system for employment with law enforcement and the fire department, and her service within the Puerto Rican Beneficial Society and the Council for Spanish Speaking Organizations. She wishes for future generations to open more doors and seats at decision making tables to secure representation and communication of the communities’ needs. She reflects on the past and says that things are much better than they used to be, but there is room for improvement. She instilled her students with self-confidence so that they can achieve anything they aspire to be, despite society’s adversarial messages.
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