Interview with Dr. Javier Ávila


Interview with Dr. Javier Ávila
Janine Carambot Santoro
Dr. Javier Ávila
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Residence of Dr. Javier Ávila
Dr. Javier Ávila opens his narrative with a discussion of his childhood in the Metropolitan City of Bayamon, Puerto Rico. He explains his decision-making process of moving to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, which included the opportunity to work at Northampton Community College.

He shares his parents’ commitment to supporting his unique childhood aspirations and the books around the house which harnessed his love for reading, learning, and writing. In Dr. Javier Ávila's classroom, the education process is a partnership in which mutual honesty is considered an essential component of getting through the educational journey together.

He shares the hustle involved with getting his show from small audiences to larger crowds and comments on the value of comedic release when discussing racism because of the sensitivities attached to it. Dr. Ávila discusses his literature and poetry and emphasizes on the common thread of humanity. He concludes with a call to focus on our commonalities and to make more room for members of the community.
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