The Story of Desiree Ventureira


I used to be in a lot of groups and stuff while I was here in college, and people were shy, and they don’t really know how to like, talk, or make friends or they’re just nervous and scared, so I always just try to just make them feel comfortable and want to be a part of the group, and get everybody else to kind of feel that way too. So that definitely has shaped me, I’m always a person who wants to go out with not just two people, definitely like five people or six people, and I always like to have people around. It’s who I am. I love and I get all my energy from like, having people around me. Yeah, so studying communications definitely makes you think about what you do and how you do it. So, being around people definitely was one thing I always wanted to do, so I was a part of student activities, I did alpha phi omega, I did communications honor society, anything that I could really get my hands in I was always a part of, and studying communications you realize the kind of way you talk to people, and the way people respond, and how they’re feeling, so you can really get the sense of a person just by kind of having a small conversation with them, like, you can see if they’re engaged or if they want to continue talking, the moment you’re like talking to them because you know body language. You can see if they’re to themselves, or if they’re open and they want to keep talking, they’ll respond, and they’ll talk back, it’s just like simple things that a lot of people don’t, like, think about at first that can really give you a sense of somebody and if they’re, like, outgoing, or like introverted or extroverted, you can get that from like, a simple conversation I feel like, and that’s often overlooked. And, so, communications definitely has opened me up to that and also, the way we communicate, how we communicate, where we’re communicating. Is it over the Internet, is it on the phone, is it in person? Like it’s all, like, inter-joined, that you really get, like, a good sense of it when you start to learn about it. I feel like being a Latina in the community, you have like, I don’t know how to like, if I can talk for every Latina in the community but I feel like you have, like, a sense of responsibility to kind of like, represent yourself, and to kind of like hold the standards like, you know the, I don’t know, like, there’s stereotypes that, you know, Latinas are loud, and they’re aggressive, and they have, like, power and they’ve got the ability to bring people together. And I definitely feel like, you can, like I feel like I have power in my voice, I feel like I definitely have that sense of home, friendliness, because that’s what I was raised as. Like I said I’m my experiences, so, I feel like being Latina’s definitely something that I identify with, and it’s something that’s a part of me. And I try to find those good things about being it and I try to exemplify those things in every way possible.

The Story of Desiree Ventureira
Jamie Kahn
Desiree Ventureira
Interview with Desiree Ventureira on her experience being a Communications student, and how being Latina has impacted her life, values, and education.
CC BY-NC 4.0

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